Mission Statement

GaiaOne’s mission is to brand, market and distribute sustainable essential oils and other natural raw materials used widely in global consumer markets. GaiaOne takes a modern, transparent approach to the marketing and cultivation of these natural products for both business-to-business and direct to consumer distribution. At the same time funding initiatives to save the rainforest and other environmental causes, the company is seeking to update and refresh a traditional, opaque and fractious raw materials market.

GaiaOne Brand

GaiaOne aims to become the gold standard brand for a wide variety of sustainably sourced natural raw materials. As manufacturers demand a supply chain for sustainable materials that is more consistent and consumers demand a supply chain that is more transparent, GaiaOne helps growers innovate toward a new 21st century business standard. Other sectors have seen the premiums that branded sustainable raw materials can command because they symbolize values that resonate with consumers, and symbolize supply chain and pricing integrity to manufacturers. GaiaOne is on the forefront of a revolution in how raw materials in the fragrance, flavor and consumer products sectors are grown, marketed and distributed.